Welcome to Reasonstation the royalty free music site.

This site contains free music for use at the internet. For example music you can use for Youtube or Liveleak. There is no need to notify the composer of the music since it is Creative Common License music you can even modify the music and/or use it instruments since it does not only contain music in MP3 format but the original arrangements too.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What happened to Reasonstation.net ?

I don't know, rumor has it bad people placed advertisements and spam on the forum, which was deleted. After that those people became angry and tried to destroy Reasonstation.net in which they succeeded. Reasonstation.net was a place where people who made music with Propellerheads Reason came together and published their songs. Currently that site seems to be hijacked.

What is Reasonstation.nl ?

This website contains only music of which I owned the copyrights since I produced all the music on this site. However since the .net site no longer exists I found it necessary to release all music recoverable I every produced into the Creative Common License public domain. So people are sure all music on this site is legal. However I cannot release some covers I made, for example the cover I made of The Terminator.

What is the business model behind this site ?

When people use this music on for example YouTube or whatever they do with it it does not matter since at the end YouYube for example pays money to those managers that are to help musicians. You will never see those managers and neither am I. The only thing I can tell you that they even earn money from my Mozart Symphony 40 even though Mozart died in the year 1791. As long as you do not earn millions with any of these songs there is nothing to worry about. So Buma/Stemra, Brein, Naburige Rechten are all covered since they receive money from YouTube. *)

*) YouTube is a registered trademark of Google Alphabet.

How does a musician earn money with these songs ?

If you like any of these songs to use at the Internet but the song must be adjusted according to your needs you can ask a musician to modify the song to your needs. The musician is allowed to ask you money for that. If you agree for example to pay a musician 50 dollars an hour and it takes 2 hours, you pay the musician for example 100 dollars and you can use the adjusted for your needs song and the musician earned money. But remember you can use the song on Internet only including advertising on Internet. However you are not allowed to use the song on Television or Radio On Air except for Radio Internet Streaming. Since if you would broadcast it on TV or Radio you would have to mention me as the original creator of the song and it is Creative Common License.

What happened to Yamaha.co.uk ?

Yamaha XG was declared an 'End Of Life' product in 2003. Unfortunately it meant a lot of people suddenly were unable to listen to the many Yamaha XG midi files producers made and published on the Internet. The struggle came with Windows Vista and later. There is no driver released to play Yamaha XG midi files except for Windows 9x/ME/XP. However a trial version of the Yamaha XG Software Synthesizer driver with a detailed installation guide is availlable on this site. You would have to create a virtual machine with for example Virtual Box or VMWare.
Where can I get the music or driver ?

By pressing the link below. This website is an archive. It is nothing more and it will never be. As such you will enter an automated webserver file list. Every directory contains data files. Suggested is that you first try my concert of me doing Mozart Concert 382 in D Dur (all instruments and performance done by me! ). After that try to explore the update directory.